Tuesdays at 7:30 PM PDT (7/13-8/17) | Zoom

Disability and Liberation in the Gospels: Anti-ableist Biblical Reflections

Join us for a Bible Study guided by the wisdom of Jonathan Bates, a Disability and LGBTQ Advocate and Theologian, Drag Queen, and Comedian.
Disability and Liberation in the Gospels: Anti-ableist Biblical Reflections

Date and Time

Tuesdays at 7:30 PM PDT (7/13-8/17)

About the Event

Note: this Bible Study is open to 30 people, aged 18-30.


Each week we’ll examine a different aspect of the experiences and perspectives of disabled people. We’ll also discuss a passage from the Gospels about disability, reading it from an anti-ableist liberationist perspective.

We hope that this study will equip us to better understand the ways disabled people experience marginalization and oppression in society and in the church, to practice an anti-ableist liberationist reading of the Bible—especially of passages that have historically been used to harm disabled people, and to advocate for and work alongside disabled people for a more just and inclusive society and for more just and inclusive churches.

Instructor's Bio:

Jonathan Bates (he/they) holds Master’s degrees in philosophy and theology from Biola University and Wheaton College. He has published articles and has spoken at national and international conferences on Christian theology, church history, and queer theology.

They are disabled and neurodiverse. A massive stroke left him with mobility impairments and chronic fatigue, and he was also recently diagnosed with ADHD. They are a drag queen and stand-up comedian, and they perform in clubs in the Los Angeles area. He also founded and leads a ministry for LGBTQ Christians.

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