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Make an Impact on the next generation.

The tithes and donations you make to LCM|Canterbury make a difference to our campus ministry and our campus community. 

As we are the combination of two campus ministries, we invite you to give to either LCM or Canterbury, knowing that no matter which organization you give to, you will be helping create a spiritual home on campus for all who need it.

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Online Giving

To donate online to LCM, please go here to be linked to our PayPal interface.

To donate online to Canterbury, please go here to be linked to our FaithStreet interface (make sure you select "NAU (Flagstaff)" under Select a Fund).

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Want to mail us a check?

Truth be told, checks are still the number one way campus ministries like us receive the gifts that are so vitally important to continuing our ministry on campus.

If you would like to mail LCM a check, please send it to:

Lutheran Campus Ministry

500 W. Riordan Rd.

Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

If you would like to mail Canterbury a check, please send it to:

Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry in Flagstaff

319 S. San Francisco St.

Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

As always, remember that no matter which one you donate to, you will be changing lives for the better on campus in Flagstaff.

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